Roma, Italia! Part I (and a little stop in Napoli!)

Friday, June 13, 2014

We spent the second leg of our journey in Rome, and to get there we had a brief stop in Naples. We tried to take advantage of the little time we had there and explored a few of the streets and the food. Mostly the food, and I was mesmerized by the cute jugs filled with two glasses of wine for 3 euro. Three euro!!! 

I was so excited to see Eataly advertisements everywhere! This means it's really legit! I'm a big fan of the Chicago location.

One of Brian's old friends and teammate from his running days in high school lives in Vatican City, he's in school to be a priest. He really spoiled us while we were there. He showed us around his campus, invited us to evening prayer, gave us a detailed tour of Saint Peter's Basilica. He also introduced us to gelato dipped in chocolate. We're forever in debt.

The amount of history in this city amazed me. As Brian told me about the history of the Colosseum and how it used to be used, I couldn't believe we were standing there thousands of years later. On our last night in Rome, we walked through a little park, and Brian said he thought it was the Circus Maximus. When we got to our apartment we checked a map, and it was. It was the first and largest stadium in ancient Rome; it accommodated 150,000 spectators and traces back to sixth century BC. And then here we were, staring at it, in 2014. Isn't that wild?

No matter where or what time of day you saw us in Rome, this is what you'd see ^^.


We had some really good food in Italy, but the pasta at Da Francesco can't be beat. Restaurants in Rome didn't have waits, this is the only one we visited and saw that did, but boy was it worth it.

More photos coming soon! Thanks for sticking around :-)

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