Positano, Italia! Part II

Thursday, June 12, 2014

We walked a lot in Positano, just getting to the town and back to our apartment each day was a hike, so we were sore the entire time we were there. We'd waddle around the apartment, and our legs would shake when we stood still. Still, on our last day, we decided to do the Path of the Gods and hiked for five hours through a few cities, and we're so glad we did. Those views, man...

Here we are at the beginning, before the sweat (and before I fell...twice) ;-)

We ran into a little shop along the way (selling lemon goods, of course).

We took a bus back to Montepertuso, where we were staying, after we were done to wash up for dinner.

I just couldn't get over the views from our apartment. This one's from the window inside the shower. 

Weeks before we left for Italy, we made a reservation at Ristorante La Sponda, and we were so excited to go. The restaurant's lit without lightbulbs, just 420 candles. It's Michelin rated, and fancy, and special, and really, we just couldn't wait. We ate very little that day in anticipation. It was in Positano, we were in Montepertuso. The two cities are about two and a half miles away, driving, and there's only one winding road to take. We couldn't do the 45 minute hike because we weren't dressed appropriately, so we decided to take a bus. We had done that a few times already, and it was only a little more than a euro to do so. We didn't want to take a cab, we had heard that was 40 euro — a little steep for less than three miles. 

Our reservation was at 8. The bus ride would take about 15 minutes. We left the apartment at 6:25, anticipating the 6:30 bus. It didn't come. We figured it was late, they tend to be, but they come every half hour. 6:45, no bus. 7:00, no bus. 7:15, no bus. Multiple buses should have passed by this point. We asked around and people kept giving us different times. 7:30, no bus. At this point we had been waiting an hour, in the cold, and we were about to miss our reservation. As Brian walked away to try to figure out how to call a cab to meet us, a gentleman who didn't speak much English asked me if I wanted to go to Positano. I said yes. He said to get in his car, that he was going. I asked him how much. He told me to just get in. I yelled, "Brian, come back, get in this car." 

When we were in the car he asked us where we wanted to go. We said La Sponda. He said he didn't speak English and didn't know what that was. We feared our lives, but in the end, somehow, after a drive in silence that felt like eternity, he dropped us off outside the restaurant, at 8 on the dot, for free. The generosity of these people just didn't make sense to us (remember when someone drove our binder four hours to us?). Kindness like this is so rare. Whether or not Brian is still mad at me for this impulse decision is up in the air.

This was such a special night. We had told the restaurant we were celebrating Brian's birthday, so they gave us the best seats in the house (next to a couple dressed in a wedding dress and tux, they had just eloped!), and the band sang happy birthday to Brian. We ate so many courses (four rounds of dessert!) and marveled at how beautiful the restaurant was. We laughed a lot that night. I can't stop smiling now thinking of it.

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