Positano, Italia! Part I

Tuesday, June 10, 2014

If you'd so kindly indulge me, it's going to be Italia week on the blog! I tried my best to limit myself, but I kept adding photos to share, and a post turned into posts, and a few comments turned into stories, and it's going to be one of those what's the point of this blog-i get it, she went on vacation kind of weeks. I know, I know. But still... 

First up, Positano! This place was a dream. We rented a house in Montepertuso, a few miles up a hill from Positano, and each day we'd hike almost an hour in steps to get to the city. The people of those two cities, the culture, the food, the scenery — it stole our hearts. 

Our apartment had two little balconies. To save time and money, we went to the market on our first night there and bought breakfast foods, which we ate outside in the mornings, overlooking the most beautiful view. 

We met this pup, whose name was Ow, on our first day. He belonged to a grandmother halfway through our hike to Positano, and every time we passed he'd be sitting on the steps, either alone or with the grandchildren, and we'd play and snap photos of him. I could create an entire Ow album. Maybe I will :-)

And now a story. A story we still can't believe. Before we left for the trip, Brian told me he was making a binder (not surprised) to take with us. We had received dozens of recommendations from friends, needed copies of our passports for the places we stayed, the addresses and contact information for those places, had already purchased a handful of tickets for the busses and tickets to get to Positano, which had confirmation codes we needed. We had a lot of documents, and they needed to be organized. So Brian organized them, and the binder became the binder. The binder of all binders. It had everything we needed. Brian joked that he was going to sell it. That it was the perfect guide to Italy from Chicago. That he'd pass it to his grandchildren one day. Well, somewhere between train three and bus one, we lost the binder. We had left it on a ticket counter. And we didn't realize it until it was too late. We were in Sorrento, and the binder was in Naples, nearly two hours away from us, it had everything, and we still had two hours until we'd get to our apartment.

We were lost. We no longer had the phone number, address or email of the apartment we were staying at. We didn't know which bus to take next. Our personal information from our passport copies was in the garbage, or worse, in someone else's hands. By luck, we got to Positano, and we met the landlords son, and we told him our story, and it's really a longer story than you want to read, but the next day, we received our binder in Positano! Someone had found it, called the landlord's son, whose number was in the binder, given it to the landlord's son's friend, who drove the binder four hours to us in Positano, who gave it to the landlord's other son, who we retrieved it from. For free. Those Italians, guys. There's no kindness like theirs.

The first of many, many gelato trips.

In the early evening we'd start our hike back to Montepertuso (and to hang out with Ow). 

And end our night Skyping our families on the balcony before heading out for a delicious, local Italian meal. 

That's it for round one! Stay tuned!


  1. Can't believe the story about the binder! People are so amazing sometimes. I would have been flipping out!

    1. We were so upset when we realized it but figured there was nothing we could do. It was our fault. Once we realized the binder was coming, we were worried they'd ask for a lot of money for it. I can't believe how it all turned out. People can be so good.

  2. I love this! It looks absolutely magical!! And I think I would have given up and flown back to the states if I had lost that binder. Props to you for finding your way to where you needed to go!

    1. We were too close to turn back, and sleeping on the beautiful streets there didn't seem too shabby ;-)

  3. Soooo can you post an Ow album? :) That puppy is so cute!!!


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