Go Strawberry Picking

Monday, June 23, 2014

Yesterday Brian and I met up with our sisters and went strawberry picking. There wasn't much left to pick, and it was super muddy because it won't stop raining around here, but we had a really nice time. We challenged each other to make something delicious with our pickings. Brian made strawberry shortcake last night, and I made a spinach and strawberry smoothie this afternoon. The other ladies must still be crafting masterpieces. 

I chose this as a 25 at 25 goal because I used to love going as a little kid. Whenever my cousins from Iran visited us in England we'd go. I have this vivid memory of getting poison ivy, or more likely nettles, while picking one year and thinking the world was just going to end. We met a little girl who was visiting from India at the patch yesterday, and she was all over the strawberries. We could barely manage to find a few good ones, and she had her carton full. She was so proud of herself and kept giving me tips on how to find better spots. Had she bragged a bit more and touched all the plants she wasn't supposed to touch I'd say I saw myself in her.

We went to Pick. at Garden Patch Farms and weren't limited to strawberries. They had raspberries, kale and onions, too.


It was such a nice morning, and a check off that list. Glad these lovelies joined me to do it. 

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