Capri, Italia!

Wednesday, June 11, 2014

On one of our first days in Positano we took a ferry to Capri for the day. It was such a magical island. These photos don't do it justice. 

Aren't those lemons huge? They were everywhere! We saw so many lemon trees in Positano and Capri. Both are known for their Limoncello, which we brought home with us, of course.

Random parrots! Truly, this place is magical!

We spent the day walking through the streets, looking at people's beautiful houses. Their neighborhoods were so relaxing and scenic, nothing like what we're used to.

The plants, trees (look at those lemons!) and cars there were so cool to us. I can't imagine these things just being part of your everyday life. 

The sun was hot. Brian burnt to a crisp, and I got a bit of sunburn for the first time in my life!

Can't get enough of the stuff ;-)

Once we got back to Positano, totally sunburned, we had the world's best cannoli.  

Before our hike back to our apartment we were exhausted and still hot, so Brian went to a nearby market and got us a bottle of water. He accidentally got sparkling, and it was the worst surprise.

That night we got some meats and cheeses from the corner store, a bottle of wine from a restaurant down the street and ate dinner on our balcony. We talked and listened to music for hours. It was so relaxing. On our way back to Chicago later that week we decided this was one of our favorite parts of the trip.


  1. Yo girl where's that Limoncello at? Why you holding out on me!? Also, CANNOLI OMG YUM.


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