Bike to Work!

Thursday, June 26, 2014

Another check off the 25 at 25 list! One I really enjoyed. On Wednesday I biked to work from my little Lakeview apartment to the middle of the Loop, and I was kind of nervous about it, but it was so much fun. 

I've always liked biking, but city biking can be intimidating. Those busses, man. I'm usually not too concerned about it — biking to dinner in the summertime is one of my favorite things — but I had never done it alone. It went so smoothly, though.

So much of the ease came thanks to Po Campo, which gifted me this amazing bike bag. I was able to carry necessities from my purse, my lunch and a sweater. It clipped right onto my rear bike rack, and I used it as a handbag for the rest of the day. I got so many compliments on it running errands during my lunch break; people didn't even realize it was a bike bag!

It was a foggy, wet ride, which caused mud to splatter while I rode, but the Po Campo bag is waterproof, so it protected my back from mud and was easily cleaned when I got to the office. Other things to love about Po Campo:  A portion of the sales are donated to give bikes to girls in Zambia so they can go to school, and the bags are designed in Chicago!

It was such a relaxing start to the morning and a great way to unwind on the way home. When I got to the office I was so surprised at the number of emails I had, but I realized it's because I didn't check them on the way to work. I usually open my mailboxes in bed and then again on the train on the way to work, but that morning I got dressed right away and avoided it all until I got to my desk. It felt so good and made me start the day with a clear mind. I'm hoping to recruit my roommate and make it a more regular activity. 

Now, some notes about me and bikes. First, my bike is from 8th grade. Isn't that nuts? My friend Emily got hers that summer, and I begged for one immediately after. I remember we spent the entire summer "riding" to each other's houses — she lived across the street. 

When Emily and I enrolled in driver's ed the summer after our sophomore year of high school, we'd take our bikes out on the road every day, pretend they were cars and "practice." We wouldn't pass each other if there were solid yellow lines on the street, we would if there weren't. We'd stop three seconds at every stop sign. We were so paranoid about not passing our driving exams!

Emily and I also decided we were against cars our senior year of high school and tried biking everywhere. I remember us biking to our job (same job, naturally) a few times in the blistering sun before realizing it was a terrible idea. That summer we were part of a group we created with some high school friends called Ashbury Offroad (we lived in a subdivision called Ashbury). The group would go biking every night at 11. It started out small, but we had more than a dozen people by the end. We would just bike our quiet subdivision streets and talk. My parents never understood why it had to be at 11. Looking back, neither do I. It ended after a few months because it became a bit competitive between bikers and rollerbladers, and the conflict was just too much.

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