Shabz Graduated!

Monday, May 19, 2014

My little sister graduated college on Saturday! Milestones like this make me realize how time flies. How did I graduate four years ago? When did she grow up? It's an exciting time, graduating college, but also kind of scary. I remember I hadn't applied for any jobs before I graduated and once I started to, I felt overwhelmed with the possibilities. You could move anywhere. To do anything. For a girl that needs a plan and worries about the unthinkable, the endless possibilities felt paralyzing. 

At the same time, it's such a fun time, and an important time. I grew a lot in that first year out of college, more than in any other year yet. I think it's the first time you're pushed to be an adult. I made decisions on relationships, jobs and moving away that stretched me thin but made me stronger. Some of the best things in my life came to me in 2010. It's a hard time, but a good time. 

I'm excited for my sister. She has a kinder, more relaxed spirit than I do, and she has a lot of passion. Those are important things. Things that make you successful. We had such a fun time celebrating her this weekend, and we're all very excited to have her back home.

Enough rambling? OK, photos!


^^ This photo has become a tradition of sorts (my throwback)!


^^ Luckily we've always got one to keep us young.

Congratulations again, Shabz! We love you!!!

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