Wine Tasting at Home!

Monday, April 7, 2014

That's what a table looks like after seven girls have successfully tasted seven wines and nearly 20 tapas. It looks good, doesn't it? My friend Kelly invited me and five other ladies over to her apartment on Friday to taste wines and learn a little more about what foods should be paired with each and how to differentiate aromas, flavors and intensities. I'm a big fan of wine—red, white and rose—but I don't know much about it. Even after three trips to Napa in the past five years, I still feel like I know little to nothing. At a future tasting night we're going to do a blind tasting and see if we can tell the difference between cheap and more expensive wines. I have a feeling I'll just thumbs-up them all.

Kelly assigned each of us to a wine—dry white, sweet white, savory red, fruity red, sweet red, white sparking and red sparkling—and made these adorable cards for us to take notes on (but if we're being completely honest, the thoroughness of my chart responses declined intensely wine after wine). We each brought a dish we thought complimented our wine, and Kelly made one for each as well (this chart helped!). Before we got started we had a few finger foods so we didn't have to tackle the wine on an empty stomach.

It was really great to pay attention to every detail and sip and see how we perceived things differently. It was also great to learn from the other ladies! Meredith taught us how to properly smell wine (I think it looks kind of funny!), and I can't wait to show off at a restaurant.

Next time we're only tasting wines from the Napa region, and I'm excited to learn more. But eek! I just realized I haven't found my signature cocktail yet. Any suggestions on favorite wines or cocktails? I'm all ears ;-)


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