Tax Season is Over, Baby!

Friday, April 25, 2014

Last night we went out on a WEEKNIGHT to celebrate (belated, my fault) the end of tax season with the best vegan milkshakes in town. It's good to have this kid back. I kind of, only sort of, think he's alright ;-)

Remember that envelope surprise I posted a few weeks ago? I wanted to share one of the generous gifts Brian received. His friend Vincas donated money on his behalf on to a girl in Cambodia who needs a skin graft for a bad burn. I thought this was the sweetest thing and such a heartfelt gift. It made Brian and I so happy, and we hope to get more involved with the charity in the future. Please take some time to check out the kids' stories and consider donating if you can. 100% of all donations directly fund treatments. How rare and cool is that?

Oh, and happy Friday! Have a great weekend! xx.

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