Greetings From Las Vegas!

Friday, April 11, 2014

It's after midnight, and I'm awake. I'm ignoring work emails, blog emails, packing, and I'm thinking. I'm thinking of how strange Las Vegas is (the strangest). I'm thinking of how thankful I am to be here for work, to experience it once, check that box. I'm thinking of how I'm looking forward to going home tomorrow.

When I went on my first business trip nearly four years ago, I remember my coworker telling me he dreaded these trips. I was in shock. We were on our way to Amelia Island in Florida for a conference, and I was giddy. Four days of work and play, a luxurious hotel, the best food, all paid for! What a treat! Four years later, I still feel privileged to have these experiences, but I understand his side.

When I came into my hotel room on Tuesday, I was surprised with flowers (and strawberries!) from Brian, and each night I've loved looking at them as I work, itching to get back home. Over the past four years I've tried to balance work and life and dedicate myself wholly to both, and this week I realized how far I've come and how far I have to go.



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