A Class at The Chopping Block!

Saturday, April 5, 2014

Remember last month when I wasn't eating out? I ate so much Marmite. I found myself Googling the side effects of eating too much yeast extract. Day after day I was making the same things, so you can imagine my excitement when The Chopping Block invited me to take a hands-on cooking class.

The Chopping Block offers two types of classes. Demonstration classes, where each class features a lesson by a professional chef-instructor with tastings of every dish prepared in class. Students take notes as the chef works and ask questions throughout the process to walk away able to recreate the menu at home. 

Then there are hands-on classes, which I took one of, where 12 students participate in each step of the cooking. Professional chef-instructors discuss the ins and outs of each recipe, give valuable tips and coach students as they work together with other students in groups of four to prepare the dishes. Check out some recipes and videos here

I chose to take the Raging Bull tapas class at the Merchandise Mart location, and I went alone. I was kind of nervous! I'm easily intimidated in the kitchen, and I figured everyone else would be with a friend (I figured right), but I was assigned to a team and had a great time getting to know people and working together to make four (four!) amazing dishes: abondigas (Spanish meatballs) with roasted red pepper aioli, black bean and cilantro empanadas, baked goat cheese in tomato sauce, and shrimp and mussel paella. 

Even though the class was two and a half hours long, we wouldn't have been able to do everything we did if the chefs hadn't taken time before to measure everything out for us. If only they could come to my kitchen every night.


It was such a fun experience (maybe our class made up a drinking game. Maybe. I don't know ;-)), and I learned a lot of new vocabulary and tricks. Embarrassingly, I learned how to hold and use a knife properly. Again, if only these dudes could come over and help every night.

At the end of the night we all sat at a table and feasted upon the fruits of our labor. And as a bonus, I had enough leftovers for two more meals (it's not every day you eat paella at your desk for lunch)! We all took home a packet with the recipes and notes from the chefs and received 15 percent off all of the tools we used at The Chopping Block's retail store.

I'd love to go again with Brian or my mom and sister. I think it'd make for a great date or gift. What do you think, would you try it? Who would you take with you?

(I received a complimentary class from the The Chopping Block, a cooking school I can't wait to visit again. Thank you for supporting the brands that support Make the Most.) 

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