DIY: Papel Picado Coasters

Tuesday, March 4, 2014

You're expecting a good old rambling about coasters, aren't you? You won't find it around here. This DIY was about checking the box. I knew I had two left to accomplish and a wide open Saturday to get one done. They could have turned out better, but they could have turned out much worse. I'm so terrible at crafts, I'm calling this one a win and fist pumping to the fact that I only have to do one more. 

Tissue paper
Masking tape
1" paintbrush
Mod Podge 
5" square white ceramic tiles
Felt sticky dots
Papel picado coaster template (print from here)

Gather four sheets of tissue paper and cut to 5"x5". Stack the template on top of the crepe paper and tape the top edges together with masking tape. Fold the paper in half so that the template is on the outside. 

Cut around the outside edge of the template (but leave the top edge in place until the end). 

Begin to cut out the shapes along the folded edge. Fold again to access the shapes in the middle (fold down the center of one or more shapes in a row). This doesn't make sense, does it? Check out this video.

Remove the masking tape and cut the remaining edge. Unfold and separate your papel picados. 

Center a tissue papel picado on a ceramic tile. Lift up one corner and paint with Mod Podge. Gently press into place. Lift the remaining paper and paint with Mod Podge. Lay down evenly and firmly press into place. Paint another layer of Mod Podge over the top, and repeat with remaining coasters. Let dry 24 hours.

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