DIY: Envelope Surprise!

Saturday, March 29, 2014

I'm so excited to share this DIY with you all! I get giddy thinking of Brian's face when I surprised him with it. I'm still overwhelmed with emotion thinking of how many people love and care for that kid, how lucky I am to have him in my life and how grateful I am for the relationships he's introduced me to. 

I loved doing this little project so much. Brian's been really, really busy this tax season (he's a tax accountant), so I decided to add a little happiness to each of the last 25 days before April 15 (tax day!). I emailed 25 of his closest friends, and each "sponsored" an envelope. He opens an envelope a day (it started March 22). My friend Jen helped me put it up and pointed out that it's not really a countdown ... it's a countup. Whoops.

I can't wait to share what's in the envelopes once he has opened them all. You wouldn't believe the great ideas people came up with, so many generous thoughts and gifts. And such a variety of ideas! Everyone I got in touch with was so sweet and enthusiastic about doing this. I feel so grateful to be surrounded by such creative, kind people.

Here's what I did!
Step 1: Contacted friends about the project and asked if they wanted to contribute. I gave them a deadline. I told them to send whatever they liked, it could be a post-it, it could include a gift, it could be a note on a napkin. What I like about this is that you don't have to do anything expensive. Brian has liked them all equally so far, and they've all been so different! (the one with the fresh, homemade, delivered cookies this past Thursday? I liked that one the most ;-)

Step 2: Compiled all letters and gifts. Placed numbers on each envelope and corresponding numbers on gifts he has to open with envelopes, if there is one. I used these numbers and these envelopes

Step 3: Hung all envelopes with double sided tape in Brian's apartment while he was at work.

It has been so fun to hear or see his reaction each day! Thanks so much to everyone who contributed. We all love you, B! xx. 


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