The Night I Saw Paul Simon in Concert

Wednesday, February 26, 2014

For as long as I remember, one of my wishes (you know, prepared for when the genie says "what are your three wishes?") has been to sing with Paul Simon and Art Garfunkel in Central Park. I'm an awful singer, but since I feel the duo created the soundtrack to my life so far, I almost feel I owe it to them.

Growing up my parents had this cassette, and I remember listening to it week after week, year after year, the four of us in our little living room. I remember hours practicing singing "Scarborough Fair" (the last track on side one)— the genie was coming, I had to be prepared. "The Graduate," is my dad's favorite movie. One of my brother's first records was "Sound of Silence." He's nailed "Mrs. Robinson" on guitar. That cassette made it from the living room in England to my first car when I started driving. "Bridge Over Troubled Water" was sung at my sister's high-school graduation. Sometimes my dad and I email back and forth at work about the lyrics to "Father and Daughter."

Seeing Paul Simon live last night was so surreal, and seeing him with Brian felt strange at first. I felt so far removed from that little girl using her hairbrush as a microphone. I wanted to be with my sister, jumping on our parents' bed as my dad told us how "The Boxer" is his life story and we roll our eyes. But slowly I realized that chapter hasn't closed, we're just adding new chapters. The same songs continue to narrate, and I continue to share them with my family, but I also get to share them with someone new and special in my life. Someone lucky enough to hear me practice "Scarborough Fair" 20 years later.

P.S. A little video from last night of him singing the best song!
P.P.S. Sting was also there, and nothing can make a girl speechless quite like him and Paul (Can I call him Paul?) sing "Fields of Gold" together. Also, Sting is aging really, really well. Google it.


  1. What sweet, sweet memories! My dad and I get emotional over Paul Simon, too—especially my dad. ;)

    1. You know, I'm starting to think he was the soundtrack to every childhoo. And you're right, he brings out something super deep in dads! xx.


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