Go One Month Without Eating Out

Saturday, February 15, 2014

Guys, it's time to take on what might be the hardest 25 at 25 challenge. Starting Monday I'm not eating out for 31 days (until March 20—Iranian New Year!). I've got a few friends doing it with me, which will be nice, but still— no takeout, no coffee shop treats, nothing (everything must be purchased, and preferably homemade, from a grocery store—unless a work obligation requires otherwise)! It's going to be tough since cooking isn't easy for me, and the fridge is always bare. Tomorrow's going to be full of prepping. 

Want to do it with us? I'd love for you to! And I'm curious, would this be hard for you? What kind of meal planning do you do to make sure you have a variety of meals throughout the week but not spending too much at the grocery store, either? I'm new to this, and I'd love to hear any tips! Hope you're having a good weekend! xx

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