Saturday, January 4, 2014

We went to a friend's house for brunch today, ate and chatted for hours. When we left, it was snowing, and I couldn't stop talking about the nap I could see in my future. I'd sleep for two hours on the couch. No, three hours in bed. No, just an hour, anywhere.

We took the train back to our neighborhood, and the snow started coming down harder. When we got to Brian's apartment, already soaked, I asked him what he thought about nixing the nap and walking to Lake Michigan. He (hesitantly) agreed, and we walked a few miles, slipping and sliding, knee-deep in snow at some points. Laughing, questioning our judgement, shivering. 

December was pretty rough around here. 2013 was going too well, so December had to put things into perspective. Oh, you're up? I'm going to have to push you back down. That was December. December tested me and relationships very important to me.

But standing, freezing, at the lake tonight, I realized everything's going to be alright. I wish I hadn't needed December to appreciate January-November, but so it goes, right? I have to remind myself how lucky I am to have the basics (and more). Family, friends, health, job, this godforsaken nonstop snowing city, someone who's willing to entertain my questionable, adventurous ideas. It wasn't OK, but it's going to be OK. There'll be more bad days, but I'm not going to take the good ones for granted this year. And today was a good one.

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