DIY: Gold Animal Jars

Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Yesterday was my half birthday, and it seemed like the perfect time to evaluate my 25 at 25 list. Six months in, some things are crossed off, others are in progress, but those three DIY projects have been looming in my mind and on the list (same with those 17 books I still have to read...).

I'm not crafty at all. I can't sew. I can't even wrap a present. Craft stores makes me nervous—too many choices, too many things I'm bad at. I've only been in one a handful of times. Still, because I wanted to make little Valentine's Day packages last weekend, I ventured into one and grabbed the few supplies needed to make these jars.

It couldn't have been an easier DIY project, and they turned out pretty cute, no? I filled them with candy to ship, but I'm thinking of making one for my bathroom filled with cotton balls and another for my dresser for those pesky bobby pins I can't keep track of. 

Empty jars
Glue (I used Gorilla Glue and don't recommend it; bloggers that craft more than once every 25 years seem to recommend E-6000)
Plastic animals
Acrylic paint 

Clean each jar and lid set. Windex works well for removing sticky residue if you're recycling old food jars. Glue one animal onto each jar lid. Let the glue dry for 10 minutes.

Paint two-three coats onto each animal and lid. Wait approximately five minutes between each coat. 

After the paint has completely dried (one-two hours), screw the lid back onto the jar, and you're done! Congratulate yourself on successfully completing a DIY project! Mail them to some special ladies in your life :-)

** Thanks for coming back to my little blog for the past six months. The encouragement and enthusiasm has meant so much to me. Sending a big Internet smooch your way! xx 


  1. Ladan jan
    I like these jars so much and got idea of you.
    thanks for sharing. I wish i was there to get one.
    I admire you for making such a good blog. I really enjoy reading it.
    Love u
    Khaleh joon
    It makes us getting close to each other

    1. Your comment made my day!!! Thank you for reading! Can't believe I JUST found out about your Instagram account! So many great photos. Love you <3


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