Thanksgiving 2013

Monday, December 2, 2013

I hope you all had a wonderful holiday! This was a strange one for me. My parents and younger brother are in Australia for my cousin's wedding. My sister couldn't get the time off from school, and I didn't have enough vacation days to spare, so we had to sit this one out. Brian's family graciously took me in, and my sister had plans of her own. Still, it was strange waking up just me and my sister in our empty house. There was nothing to prepare, and the house was quiet all day. My mom's usually in the kitchen for hours, making food I look forward to for weeks. My dad's blasting James Taylor, and my brother and sister and I are eating all the raw ingredients, we think sneakily. It's usually just the five of us, but we prefer it that way. No four people I'd rather spend a day with.

While it wasn't an option last Thursday, I'm so thankful there were other options. Brian's family, as always, welcomed me so kindly. Even though I was sick. Oh, so sick. I started to not feel well on Tuesday, and it has been a downward ride since then. I barely snuck out all weekend. And this fever-cough-sneeze business hasn't realized it's Monday or that we've got deadlines to catch up on yet. Any moment now.

Here are some photos of Thursday. As much as I missed my family, I was able to spend it with another just as loving, see this puppy and witness Brian's cousin get engaged at the dinner table! It was so sweet. We were all so shocked! And in tears. A Thanksgiving to remember ;-)


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