New Year's Resolution

Tuesday, December 31, 2013

My resolution for 2013 was about relationships with myself and others.

I realized in 2012 that I spent a lot of time comparing myself to others, most of the time people I didn't know. I'd stumble across strangers' blogs or hear stories from friends about their friends and feel I wasn't living my life properly. I was also devoting time and energy to relationships I knew weren't right for me. I told Brian I was noticing these things, and he agreed, which affirmed I had to do something.

I decided to make it a point to focus on myself and my own goals and spend time with those who bring positive energy into my life. It meant being honest to myself, reevaluating those I confide in and ensuring every relationship I maintained was mutually beneficial. There were some friends, especially those in other cities, I did a terrible job staying in touch with. I was so focused on doing things right around here that I let those slip. I'll do better with that next year I hope, but overall, things were good. There's still room for improvement of course, but I felt more confident with my decisions and comfortable in my relationships. 

While I hope to maintain that, 2014's challenge is slightly different. I'm not going to eat McDonald's all year, and it's going to be tough. It's my faaaaaaaaaaaaavorite.

I remember on my first date with Brian (at a fancy restaurant with a crowd twice our age) the waitress brought us each a single, bite-size fried sugar toad from the chef, and after Brian ate his he said, "It's good, it tastes like a McDonald's chicken nugget." Right then I knew, this kid's alright.

I know it's bad for you, I know it's terrible quality "meat," full of sodium, cholesterol, I know, I know, but I really think it's super delicious. Still, the time has come. Because there is one in my office building, and because I go more often than I'll ever admit to you, I'm quitting cold turkey (for a year) to see what kind of willpower is in this body of mine.

I had one last visit yesterday, and I'll cherish it for the next 366 days. Those nuggs, man. And the Coke. There's nothing like it. I'm already regretting this.

Do you have a New Year's resolution this year? Did you keep yours from last year? I'd love to know. 

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