Chocolate Chip Cookies with Jen

Wednesday, December 4, 2013

To build my portfolio in the kitchen (and it needs growing), I recently asked a few friends if they'd teach me how to make some of their favorite recipes. Nothing serious, just their go-to dishes or ones that have some significance to them.

I started with my friend Jen. She insisted that she isn't a cook, and that she can't make much but her family's chocolate chip cookie recipe. But that was perfect! I had never made chocolate chip cookies before. I'm serious. Actually, I don't think I've ever made cookies before. Two years ago Brian and I decided to send our sisters care packages, and we (he, definitely he) made 12 dozen cookies in the process. But I just watched because they're really intimidating to me. With a cake, you use the toothpick trick to know when it's done. And it doesn't change consistency much once it's out of the oven. You can never tell when cookies are ready, though. They get much harder while cooling, they stick to the pan, they're all different sizes. Cookies are tough, so I always opt out. But Jen made it look so easy, and they were absolutely delicious. I feel like I have a new go-to easy dessert, and without the chocolate chips, they're the perfect base. You could add so many different things to those suckers. Break and bake sales are unfortunately going to suffer as a result (somehow, 9 times out of 10, I even burn those).

Jen's family's recipe and some shots below!


Thanks for welcoming me into your kitchen and teaching me your ways, Jen!

Please share your favorite recipes with me, and if you live in the Chicago-area, I'd love to invade your kitchen. I'm on the hunt for some go-to recipes this winter (it has been decided! Not eating out all January!), and the Internet can be overwhelming. So please, share! I'd love to hear your favorite dishes, tips and tricks.


  1. What a fun idea! I wish I was in Chicago so I could invade your kitchen and make something with you. My go-to recipes, particularly when I'm trying to show off, are tacos or brownies. I've blogged both recipes I use.


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