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Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Another goal off the list

On Tuesday night, when the lottery jackpot was $636 million, I bought my first (and probably last) lottery ticket. Here's the problem. Completely irrationally, I assume if I buy a ticket for a raffle or anything reliant on chance, that I'll win, and I'm surprised (a dash moody and angry, too) when I don't. I had never bought a lottery ticket because the odds of winning are too slim, and seven years after turning 18, I felt I'd missed my chance. I didn't even know what to ask for when purchasing it. I pranced into the convenient store down the street and exclaimed, truly exclaimed (and truly pranced), "I'd like one lottery ticket, please." The store owner was like, who is this chick? I think I promised him some of my earnings.

See, I'd already figured out what I'd do with every million. How much I'd get after taxes, who would get what, how I'd quit my job, where I'd buy a house, what I'd do with a real closet. Well, you can guess what happened. And yeah, I'm kind of mad about it. 

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