Iowa City, Iowa

Sunday, November 10, 2013

Brian, Sara and I visited my sister at the University of Iowa last weekend for a big college throwback. I was never particularly good at the college scene. I was good at taking classes too seriously, and sure, I had my wild moments, but my friends were different from my sister's (I have a vivid memory of drinking Franzia, smoking hookah and debating seatbelt laws for hours in my candlelit garden apartment junior year), so I wasn't really the tailgate-at-7am type. But we did it last weekend. We sure did. And we did it at the number one party school. 


And after a quick nap, we did it again at night.

And, because anything goes in college, this happened:

Whoops, that was a lot of pictures. Hope you're having a good weekend. One that involves 20 inches of garlic bread, if possible.

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