A Peak into My Closet...

Thursday, November 21, 2013

When I first thought of starting a blog last spring, I was apprehensive. I was chatting with a friend and asked her: "What if no one reads it? How often do I have to write? What is it even going to be about?" She told me to treat it like a diary. To document my life during my 25th year. To write down everything I thought, ate and learned, everywhere I went. She told me it'd be nice to reflect on, whether I leave it public or private, in years to come.

So, future self, this one's for you. This was your bedroom closet when you were 25. There was a furnace in it. It was noisy and really, really hot in the winter. Somehow your clothes would randomly get odd stains while in there. It annoyed you and the lady at the dry cleaners (who really didn't like you). This closet of yours was attached to your roommate's closet, and you shared a light. Sometimes she'd turn the light off accidentally when she was done but you weren't. It was always funny. Sometimes you'd talk through your closets. Also always funny. You couldn't reach the stuff in the back. You hit your head on the pipes while trying to daily. In the summer the closet would randomly leak. You were supposed to change the filter every month, but you never did. You'd watch movies with girls with big closets without furnaces and say, "Could you imagine?" The floor of this closet was cracked, dirty and had nails that stuck out. This part wasn't funny.

But, future self, you were happy. And I hope you're still this happy. And I really hope you have a real closet.


  1. I love the realness of this post! Well done:)

    1. Aw, thanks, Valeria! It's more embarrassing than anything ;-)


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