A Lazy Weekend

Tuesday, November 19, 2013

After several weekends full of travel and commitments, this past weekend there was nearly nothing on my calendar. Weeks ago Brian told me to keep this weekend pretty open, and while my instinct in these situations is usually to fight back, it sounded more like a plea. Like, "There are only so many potlucks I can handle, Ladz" kind of plea. So, we scheduled nothing. Nearly nothing. And it was the best.

On Friday we listened to records and made a Stromboli. On Saturday we watched YouTube videos of Jim Gaffigan (I think he's out-of-this-world hilarious), went to Wicker Park, walked around the neighborhood for a few hours and ate tacos. On Sunday we had some severe weather coming our way, so I canceled plans I had with a friend and stayed in all day eating crepes, cleaning, reading. I don't do nothing nearly enough, and with the holidays coming up, this was very much welcomed.

Having to find time to do nothing seems so silly, but moving forward, I want to take time to relax more, and it's going to take some effort. I want to put the computer away at 8 each night, leave weekends open to find adventures, go to bookstores for hours to just sit and read. 

Do you set aside time just to relax? I'd love some tips.


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