Tour de Missouri

Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Everyone has a special spot in their heart for their college town, but my spot for Columbia, Missouri, is really, really big. I love that little city so much. I wonder if there'll be a day I don't get giddy to visit (or a day I don't get overly nostalgic and cry when visiting, let's start there). I grew up a lot during the four years I lived there. I made some great friends, a few bad decisions and got the education and connections I needed to start a career in a field I'd been anxious to delve into for years. I'm really grateful for the memories I made, and equally thankful to have a few friends still lingering there that I can visit while introducing Brian to the city's hottest spots (there are tons, trust me).

A few weekends ago Brian and I took a little tour of Missouri on our way to Kansas for his cousin Katie's wedding. Columbia was the first stop! We ate Shakespeare's pizza (a Columbia must!), toured the University of Missouri campus, saw the big tree (biggest bur oak tree in the state!) and hiked to Eagle Bluffs all with my sweet friend Lily.


At some point during our four mile hike to the bluff, the sun decided to set and our phones decided to die. We didn't have flashlights and it was pitch black with snakes and frogs all along the trail. Lily and I screamed. Often. Gosh, I was so scared. For 45 minutes we walked as fast as we could in total darkness. When we reached the landing we ate Thai food from a little shack and rejoiced. Looking back, it's still not funny.

At night we went to Trops so Brian could try an assortment of alcoholic slushies (again, a Columbia must) and then to Disco Dance at Eastside. I'm telling you, this town is the the best sandpit to play in. 

Saturday morning we drove through Kansas City, Missouri, to Kansas City, Kansas, for Katie's wedding. She looked gorgeous, and we had the best time. I feel so lucky to feel (a little too) comfortable around Brian's family and always feel welcomed. 

Sunday we drove to Saint Louis to visit a few of Brian's friends, play with their pets and see their new home! People are homeowners, guys. I'm trying to learn how to wake up with time to brush my teeth before catching the train, and other people are buying houses. 

Then we drove home to Chicago. I treated the car like my karaoke stage until I crashed. Hard. Mouth-open-nap hard. Let me know if you want pictures of that.


  1. Your trip seems like it was a busy one, so I'll forgive you for not mentioning to me you were in my neck of the woods (KC) and getting coffee! ;)

    1. I wish we had had the time! That would have been so lovely. I did think about you when I was by the Missourian! Remember those amazing treats you brought us from the Jeff City bakery? Clearly I haven't forgotten ;-)


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