Santa Rosa, California

Sunday, October 27, 2013

Before Brian and I went to Europe in the spring, my (married-her-high-school-sweetheart, relationship-expert-as-far-as-I'm-concerned) friend Emily told me it was an important step in our relationship. Traveling abroad, no matter how many times you have done it before, can be stressful. Doing it with someone new, to a country neither of you speak the language in, is even harder. The trip was a breeze, and I felt empowered when we got back to Chicago. Checked that box, we're invincible, kind of thing.

Traveling with your family and boyfriend for the first time is a whole other step. A step I felt was lots of steps above what Emily and I had discussed, and, because it's my nature to worry about everything, I worried. But our trip last weekend in Santa Rosa, California, for a wedding, couldn't have been better. And it's not surprising. They're five of the most easy-going, fun people around (and if it was up to my brother, Brian would have come instead of me years ago), but it is still relieving that everyone was having such a nice time. So now that we're back in Chicago, I'm feeling empowered. Checked that box, invincible. 

We spent our short time there between Santa Rosa, Sonoma and Napa Valley. I'd never been to Santa Rosa before (crossed off a 25 in 25!), and now that I've been, I know I'll be coming back.


We spent the day after the wedding at Frog's Leap Winery, which has the most beautiful scenery, and our night with family again. There were birthdays and engagements to celebrate, and it was all so joyful. We don't see this bunch enough, and family is very important to all of us. Occasions like this that bring us together from around the world are extremely appreciated. Especially by Ayla, who learned lots of pool games from Brian that don't even require a cue.


A big group of Nikravans look good together, no? We'll cherish this until next time, which I hope is soon.

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