Leyla's Wedding!

Friday, October 25, 2013


Last Thursday after work I rushed to meet my my family and Brian at the airport so we could jet to Santa Rosa, California, for my dad's cousin Leyla's wedding. This month has been full of travel, but I'd been looking forward to this trip for weeks. It had been years since I attended an Iranian wedding, and I was anxious to see what Brian would think. The entire ceremony was held in a vineyard and most of it was in both English and Farsi (the bride and groom are Iranian). It was beautiful, and I'm so glad we made the trip to witness it and see family we hadn't seen in years.

Ayla was the cutest flower girl in the world. There's something about little kids speaking Farsi that I can't get enough of. Brian and I got to know her a little better throughout our trip, and I've got some great shots of her and him bonding over pool I'll share soon!

I love this photo ^^. Everyone in it is so important to me. It feels good to look around a room and claim them as my posse. Just look at what an attractive bunch they are! So thankful for my parents, especially. They're so cool. They were dropping hashtags all weekend. 


The ceremony was a traditional Iranian sofreh aghd (Leyla and her husband Meysam grew up in Iran but met at University of California — Davis). The poems read were beautiful, Leyla's four sisters were all stunning bridesmaids and no one could have asked for better weather. There are parts of this country where October isn't the start of all things miserable, guys. 

A Virgin America employee stopped me before we boarded our flight and asked me if I was old enough to fly alone (you have to be 16). Looking at the photo above, I'm not surprised. When did we start looking like triplets? 

The music was all Iranian, and boy did these people get DOWN. Especially Brian. When my grandma visited from Australia last year, she taught Brian how to Persian dance in our living room while my parents and I watched and videotaped. Little did we know how handy it would come in. He got really into it and my extended family loved it. Seriously, the best moves. 

Congratulations Leyla and Meysam! Thanks for having us and giving us a little taste of Iran in California! xx!


  1. The guy in the grey suit...is he Iranian? Can I marry him?

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