Albany, Wisconsin

Monday, October 14, 2013

When I was in Michigan with my roommate, Sara, I felt a little guilty. It was Labor Day weekend, I was sailing, and Brian was working. It's a reoccurring theme, actually (if you're considering being a tax accountant, don't), and while I knew our October was already pretty booked, I decided to rent a little place in Wisconsin for us to get away and relax. A much needed vacation for him, and a treat for me. I found a cute little place on Airbnb — a refurbished hardware store! — and we spent Saturday and Sunday exploring the cities of Albany, New Glarus and Monticello. Check out the video here!

We spent our time drinking beer, riding our bikes, eating fried everything and chatting. Lots of chatting. It was really great. 

That's our friend Richard. He was selling apples and ginormous pumpkins and talked to us for a solid 30 minutes outside his stand. When we told him we were leaving to get a drink, he invited himself. It took just one beer to find out all the details of Richard's life. When it was time for dinner, we weren't sure how to leave, and he just kept telling us wacky stories. It was really funny, but also really awkward.


Scrolling through these pictures is already making me nostalgic. Until next time, Wisconsin! Thanks for being the best host. 

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