Monday is the New Friday

Monday, September 23, 2013

I had a pretty lousy Friday. I woke up in a terrible mood, and nothing could get rid of it. Things only got worse as the day went on. I was just so sad, and I felt incredibly inadequate. Every fire I blew out at work only started a bigger flame. I had a few pressing deadlines and was embarrassed of each final draft. My sister asked me if I could finally call her back this weekend, my brother begged me to come home on Saturday, and I knew I couldn't. I whined all day to Brian. This blog felt stupid. I canceled lunch plans. I didn't really want to eat. Yep, that bad. All day I wanted to crawl under the covers. I felt like such a terrible friend, sister and girlfriend.

I came home and pushed myself to meet some friends. We already had plans, I didn't have it in me to cancel something else, and I'm so glad I went. Almost immediately after getting there, I snapped out of it. Life is amazing, and I shouldn't forget that. I make petty things monstrous, and I regret it every time. To really live this year to its fullest, and every year after it, too, I have to focus on the good and appreciate everything I have. Life really is good, and the rest of the weekend proved it. I'm a lucky girl, and I don't want to forget that. There will be bad days, but good ones always follow. Thanks to everyone, especially you reading this (maybe stupid) blog, for making my life so great. And sorry, seriously, to anyone who crossed paths with me Friday.

Whew! Now enjoy these weekend pictures ;-)

The best time with these ladies on Friday.

I spent Saturday running errands (ran into a free, but terrible, book sale), making flashcards and baking (can't wait to share the recipe!). It was such a peaceful day.

That night Brian and I went to Vincent (and ran into a Macklemore lookalike on the way). I have a tendency to make the most recent place we go to my new favorite place, but really, this was amazing. We shared the best coconut curry mussels and frites as an appetizer, and I had a perfect steak. We've agreed to disagree about it being a top five restaurant, but I'm putting it in on my list.

After, because I won a bet (a sports bet at that!) we went to a bar for Brian to pay up with drinks. Maybe if I write it down here I'll remember: Ladan, you don't like negronis. You don't like peach ones, you don't like regular ones. Stop ordering them.

On Sunday we went to Brian's family walk. Every year, at the beginning of fall, his mom's side of the family gets together for a walk in a forest preserve or park followed by a big lunch. It's something his grandparents started years before Brian was born. It's such a cute tradition.

After that we had dinner with our friends Emily and Alex (and their puppy, Rodeo!). Alex made super spicy chili, which was still delicious, and Emily made a pumpkin cake that was more like pumpkin soup. We laughed so hard. She spent a decent amount of time raving about her baking skills when we first arrived. They're the cutest married couple and their new house in the suburbs is perfect for their little family. We had so much fun, and I couldn't stop telling Brian how thankful I am to have known them for so long the whole car ride home.

So, happy Monday, guys! And really, let's avoid days like Friday.

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