Glen Arbor, Michigan

Thursday, September 5, 2013

When my roommate Sara asked me to go to Glen Arbor, Michigan, with her for Labor Day, I pounced at the opportunity, and I'm so glad I did. We had such a relaxing weekend and did so much we can't in Chicago.

Sara has been going to Glen Arbor for years and showed me the hottest spots. If mosquito bites can be a measure of fun, my body still thinks this was of the best weekends of the year, and I agree.

We bought sandwiches (the most delicious sandwiches) and took a ferry to South Manitou Island one morning. The uninhabited island is 3 miles wide and 3 miles long. We hiked 10 miles throughout the day. Staying true to myself, I complained a bit, but I'm so glad Sara pushed us to see all the views.

We saw shipwrecks, real wildlife and swam in what felt like our own private lake. While neither of us will be packing our bags and leaving the city anytime soon, it was refreshing to absorb so much green, if only for a little time.


The rest of the weekend was spent touring the town, trying cherry flavored things, teaching me how to skip rocks, playing board games and sailing (!!!). Sara has been sailing for years, and I wish I could say I was a good copilot, but my focus was not tipping myself over. 

On our last night we went to Sara's family friend's house (what felt like a million-dollar tree house), ate some burgers and played charades. To get to the house, we had to take a tram from the family's garage to the main house. I, of course, was petrified. Going up in the daylight was rough, but going down in the dark was the worst.

Thanks for a great end to the summer, Sara! Can't wait to visit again. 


  1. So fun!!! Love the outdoorsy you. It hardly used to exist. Now you're camping and hiking. What?!


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