The Book of Mormon

Sunday, August 18, 2013

My sister took me to see Book of Mormon last night, and I can't gush about it enough. I laughed for two hours straight, and I've been listening to the soundtrack all day. It's in Chicago until early October and worth every penny. Seriously, go.

We went to dinner at Uncommon Ground, which never lets me down. Their entrees are always a hit, but the sweet potato fries with goat cheese appetizer? A MUST. 

As heavy and large as it is, I like to carry my clunky camera with me as often as possible. The quality of the photos are just so much better, and quality is important, you know? 60 years from now when my grandchildren ask what a burger in Chicago looked like in 2013, I need to have SLR photos to back me up. Still, I relied on the trusty iPhone for photos last night, which meant filters. I don't use Instagram much, so I'm still marveled by these. Filters make neon pink lipstick look even more neon, I found out. Jackpot.  

The night ended with martinis and cake. I wish every night could end in martinis and cake. 

Thanks for the best night, Shabz! Cheers to many more <3

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