Thank God it Was Friday

Saturday, August 17, 2013

Good or bad week, I'm always itching for Fridays. Especially in the summer. There's something so liberating about summer weekends. The options are endless. After busy work weeks, they also seem so well-deserved. Another glass of wine? You earned it. 

This Friday was especially welcomed. Between work, trying to still figure out this little blog of mine, unattended chores and what felt like hours on hold with various companies to tackle an assortment of problems, it was time to hit pause last night. And my friend Kelly couldn't have hosted a sweeter pause. 

Laughing over delicious dishes and gushing about Orange is the New Black is exactly what this week was missing, and the perfect start to the weekend.

My sister's coming to the city today, and we're going to see Book of Mormon. What are your plans? Anything left on your summer bucket list? I've barely touched mine. Whatever you do, I hope it's relaxing. You've earned it.

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