Sisters and Friends

Monday, August 12, 2013

Most days after work I throw myself onto my bed for a few (20...30...50...) minutes before I find the energy to open the (empty) refrigerator and throw together a little dinner. Tonight was different, and a very welcomed, relaxed change to last week's busy evenings. 

I met up with my sister, two close friends and their sisters. My sister, Shabz, and I have known these lovely ladies for quite some time. Perhaps as a little treat I'll share some throwback photos soon. We grew up with them, and as we've all become adults, we've made sure to keep our friendships a priority. It's heartwarming to see our little sisters grow up, and I'm so appreciative for the get-togethers we've had over the years. We'll have a lot of miles between us now that the school year's starting again, but I'm already looking forward to the next time we can reminisce over wine and pizza (speaking of, thanks for the $10 bottles, Quartino!).

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