Saturday, August 10, 2013

If your part of the world is anything like the Chicago area, summer is still in full force. Such a beautiful day in the suburbs today! A perfect complement to my sweet friend Elise's bridal shower.

Elise and I went to high school and college together, and it's so exciting to see her so happy. This girl is so in love! She started dating her fiance, Stephen, in December, and when she told me she was engaged in March, I was shocked. But seeing her celebrate and prepare today for her wedding next month affirmed that she's ready to be a wife. She's ready to be Stephen's wife.

We went around the room and shared a piece of relationship advice for Elise. It was so cute of her dad to stay and participate.

We also played The Newlywed Game. Elise answered 15 questions, guessing what Stephen would respond with. We Skyped him to check his answers, and all but one were right! It was amazing. Seriously, these kids are meant to be. My favorite was asking Elise what one word Stephen would use to describe her. She said he'd say "precious." He did. How adorable is that?

The rest of the day included a concert from Brian and my brother, a raw egg with rice (my dad's idea, of course) frozen custard and a guinea pig. I hope you had a good day, and enjoy the rest of the weekend tomorrow! 

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