Grand Rapids, Michigan

Tuesday, August 6, 2013

I spent the past weekend with four of my dearest friends in Grand Rapids, Michigan. I met these girls when I first moved to the U.S., and we've been a tight-knit bunch since. We've been through our fair share of personal hardships, boys, hundreds of miles of separation, boys and successes (did I mention boys?), and have all grown to become quite different from who we were in our preteen days. Still, we update each other daily and jump at every chance to see each other.

We were missing our sixth wheel this weekend. Christel is currently in Vietnam. She's in her eighth month of the World's Race, traveling to 11 countries in 11 months to volunteer with different ministries around the world. Read her story, and please consider donating. She's 97 percent funded, but still needs $400 to stay in the race. Whether you believe in her mission or not, her dedication and passion is admirable.

While I miss the days of us carpooling to school dances, I'm loving our weekend getaways. There's never a shortage of laughs. Until next time, ladies.


  1. I love GR. Having worked in Michigan these last 3 years I've taken a few trips up there with some friends to check it out. Such an awesome town. I see you hit New Holland from the glassware, good choice. Did you go to Founders too?

    1. I didn't, but so many people recommended it! Worth a stop on my next trip, I'm sure.


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