Fruity Ice Cubes

Wednesday, August 14, 2013

I try to start every morning with a smoothie, but sometimes hitting snooze nine times means sacrificing the 10 minutes it takes to make one. I was excited when I came across Oh Joy!'s smoothie ice cubes. You can make these pretty cubes in advance and put a handful of them in a cup in the fridge the night before. Your smoothie is ready in the morning, and the cubes are so easy to make.

Here's how to do it:

Choose a variety of juices and smoothies, and a can of coconut milk (the color and consistency adds the perfect touch). I used store-bought juices and smoothies from Whole Foods this time (beat and berry, spinach and banana and mango juice), but I typically make this green or this red smoothie in the mornings (I only use fresh fruit and low-fat plain yogurt).

Add a layer of coconut milk (not required) then layers of pre-made juice and smoothies to standard ice cube trays. Bonus points for vegetable juices! Adding beets, carrots, kale and spinach to smoothies is an effortless way to get extra vitamins.

Overall, so easy, so cute. Give it a try.


  1. Was this the secret recipe you were talking about? Love it! I'm impressed you make a smoothie every morning. Pretty sweet.

  2. So this is what you were doing at 10:30 last night! Pretty.

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