Family Dinner

Monday, August 19, 2013

Where has the summer gone? No, really, where? My sister goes back to school in Iowa tomorrow, so my family had one last family dinner at Parson's Chicken and Fish last night. I love the summertime for so many reasons, but mostly because the five of us see each other more. My siblings aren't in school, my company lets us leave early on Friday afternoons, my dad seems to travel less, my family comes to Chicago more. Some of my favorite memories from my parents' house are from summer Sunday BBQs on their patio. 

Technically, summer doesn't end until late September, so technically, I have a month left. Still, without everyone in the same state it doesn't feel the same. It's hard to believe it has been seven years since we all lived under one roof. Seriously, where does time go?

My dad dared my brother to eat ceviche (raw fish!), who in return demanded a new shirt if he took a bite (and then proceeded to stare at the bite for 20 minutes). Still, he ate it. Pretty impressive for a 13-year-old Nikravan. Seventh grade me never would have.

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